Zellabox Launches in the UK at the Utility Week Live Show at Birmingham’s NEC with their partners Vysiion

See us on the Vysiion stand C37, 23rd and 24th May – http://www.utilityweeklive.co.uk  

Zellabox is a market leader in the Modular Micro Data Centre industry with a customer base that spans the globe. Established in 2010 to offer a robust solution for protecting servers and data in a variety of environments, Zellabox offers a range of Modular Micro Data Centre solutions that are flexible, scalable, robust, aesthetic & energy efficient.

In fact, Zellaboxes are quiet enough to be housed in a library yet robust enough to survive a cyclone!

And now more than ever, with recent attacks on the NHS (UK’s National Health Service) computer systems and others, all companies must be aware of data sovereignty and need to know that their data is both secure and protected.  Impending GDPR makes you RESPONSIBLE!

Zellabox is fully compliant with all the requirements of a full datacentre incorporating the 8 disciplines of datacentre engineering and offers you peace of mind, knowing where your data is & that it is totally secure.

Productivity and efficiency are key to company performance so knowing how your network and IT infrastructure assets are performing is vital.

Zellabox offers management & monitoring to all your critical infrastructure from one single management location, simplifying management of your IT assets.

If you generate large amounts of data and happen to suffer from poor or unreliable access to the cloud a Zellabox will protect and secure your data locally, keeping your intelligence close to its source.

Zellabox models include the 12U (just 1.2m high and the world’s smallest datacenter), the 25U and the biggest of our family the 38U. A 25U will be on display at the show and our baby, the 12U, is on display at BT’s Innovation Showcase.

In my opinion, Zellabox is the best.

Clint Keeler

The containerized  data center is born.

The industrialization of the data center has given birth to a variety of modular development methods by companies seeking to significantly reduce the costs building, managing and maintaining them.   The concept of modular data centers was thus born from the need to:

• Decrease the costs related to building data center rooms
• Decrease power-consumption costs related to refrigeration
• Increase security, access and protection of the servers
• Decrease the costs of operations and ongoing maintenance
• Increase mobility so that data centers can be moved to locations where they are needed
• Increase resilience, so that data centers can be moved out of a natural disaster area

The development of the containerized data center was ground breaking and caused a significant shift in the marketing strategies employed in the industry towards greater consumer involvement.  Although the mobility of a containerized data center is not as simple as jumping in a car and driving it away, it does allow for mobility, whereas in a traditional facility it is nearly impossible to relocate without months, if not years, of planning. A containerized data center incorporates infrastructure to support power and cooling needs, or racks of IT equipment. Modular data centers imply a pre-fabricated data center module or the ability to deploy data center infrastructure in a modular and flexible way.  The difference is that a containerized data center is based on a specific IT infrastructure solution that is pre-built and delivered as such.   A modular data center on the other hand defines the installation and deployment methodology of building a data center from a set of modular components, which deliver speed of deployment and scalability.

Say hello to the Micro Data Centre.

It’s now time to go portable, scalable, customizable, self contained, self-managed and cost effective.  These are the attributes of a Micro Data Centre, or as coined by Zellabox, (MDC). The Zellabox Micro Data Center is a one stop self-contained, secure solution for your servers and networking equipment – it is a ruggedised micro data centre in a climate-controlled and protected box. Server rooms are space-intensive, inflexible, and expensive to run and capital expenditure is lost in company relocation. Small growing companies and companies based in isolated, remote sites previously could not justify the cost of installing and managing server rooms. The Micro Data Center provides their complete solution; servers and networking equipment are housed in a portable box that contains all necessary controls to ensure your corporate data (or information) remains safe and secure. When you install a Micro Data Centre anywhere within your office/warehouse/underground parking area there is no longer need to build a dedicated ‘bricks-and-mortar’ server room to store it in. By incorporating all the attributes of a server room and data center within the unit itself, it effectively eliminates any need to enclose it within a dedicated room. Standing amongst personnel, it is so quite that the dB reading is below 50, as quiet as a library. Not only is the MDC quiet but also completely self-contained meaning there is no air blowing into the room.

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