Unlike costly on premise data center setups, Zellabox’s unique modular micro data center solutions delivers energy-efficient, scalable and cost-effective solutions which significantly reduce both capital costs and operating expenses, allowing Telecommunication operators to:


  • Achieve reductions in energy consumption, infrastructure management and operational costs, ensuring that you are running at the highest efficiency level possible.
  • Manage seasonal upswing in throughput without having to build each data center to maximum spec, therefore delivering savings in physical infrastructure and infrastructure management costs – where Telco’s do not need to incur the additional heavy capital outlay for a classical data center.
  • Provide new or additional services at near-zero incremental infrastructure cost.
  • Scale your IT infrastructure without additional costs related to footprint usage.
  • Add flexibility in the deployment of project-based IT infrastructure, which can be moved to where it is needed.
  • Achieve resiliency and security through the dispersal of critical data centers across multiple locations.
  • Manage availability by having the capacity and flexibility of physically moving your IT infrastructure around to more secure locations when needed (disaster recovery).


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