Zellabox’s Cubb™ and CubbDuo™  are engineered and built from the ground up with ruggedness and portability as a core offering.   The Cubb family of Zellabox Modular Micro Data Centers are specially designed for the challenges of operating complex IT infrastructure in remote locations.

The Zellabox Remote Location Solutions offer you:

  1. Ruggedness: Zellabox’s Cubb and CubbDuo solutions are engineered from the ground up to withstand extreme heat, extreme humidity, catastrophic infrastructure failures such as rain, sand, fire and in certain cases, even the collapse of a building.
  2. Pre-configuration and pre-commissioning:  The ability to pre-configure and pre-commission your IT infrastructure at the build-stage in manufacturing so that you can deploy your Zellabox in a plug-and-play manner without having the need for high-level on-site technical skills.
  3. Remote Management: Zellabox offers remote management solutions that allows you closely manage your IT infrastructure’s operating environment, including temperature, power consumption, physical security access and other vital data.
  4. Access & Security Solutions:  Zellabox allows for on and off-premises security monitoring by managing physical access to your IT infrastructure as well as providing visual secure reconnaissance through real-time cameras.
  5. Simplicity:  All you need is power to run your Zellabox.  Location becomes irrelevant.


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