Micro datacenter infrastructure must endure the tests of time. Zellabox achieves this through design, quality and the integration of proven and tested products from specifically chosen partners and suppliers. Raritan, in particular believes that critical power components must deliver rock-solid reliability, which is why rack PDUs should be designed with the future in mind. No component in an intelligent rack PDU is more important to reliability and longevity than the onboard computer built into every unit. Zellabox integrates the Raritan iX7, which is the most advanced PDU controller ever built. It delivers a future-proof design, with much more computing power; higher efficiency processors; a host of extra ports; and standard Gigabit Ethernet – delivering the longest technology life-expectancy of any intelligent PDU. (Raritan website 2017)

iX7 is powered by Xerus, Raritan’s open technology platform. With Xerus, interoperability is guaranteed: the data provided by your PDU’s can be accessed through different interfaces or third-party DCIM. Xerus also provides an advanced user interface that adapts to your desktop, tablet, or phone. (Raritan website 2017)

Zellabox can be pre-installed with your choice of high-performance and energy efficient servers, networking and other industry standard hardware – racked, cabled and tested in the factory. As your demand grows, additional units are simply added – in a pre-configured way, with no fuss.

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