Unlike costly on premise data center setups, Zellabox’s unique modular micro data center solutions focuses on the fast delivery of portable, secure and mobile IT infrastructure solutions which are engineered from the ground up as sealed units built to withstand the harsh environments of remote oil & gas and mining locations, allowing Oil & Gas and Mining companies to:

  • Fulfill the local IT infrastructure needs of a number of new and ongoing projects in harsh, remote locations.
  • Achieve incredibly quick time to deployment due to Zellabox’s size (mobility) and pre-commissioning capabilities.
  • Reduce operational costs and increase the speed and flexibility of deployment of IT infrastructure across remote locations.
  • Standardize IT operations, thus increasing operational efficiencies and compliance.
  • Fast commissioning and de-commissioning of your IT infrastructure, able to move it to where it’s needed and in locations where IT resources are lacking.
  • Remotely manage and monitor your IT infrastructure
  • Place IT infrastructure at any location, irrespective of local environmental conditions.


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