Unlike costly on premise data center setups, Zellabox’s unique modular micro data center solutions focuses on the delivery of cost-efficient, portable, energy-efficient, secure and resilient data centers which  are resilient to human, environmental or other physical security threats, allowing Government and Public Sector departments to:

  • Reduce IT operational costs without putting at risk the operations of your IT infrastructure. Government agencies are facing increasing infrastructure management costs (electricityconsumption, IT Staffing, etc) and are therefore looking for ways in which to become more efficient.
  • Increase IT infrastructure capacity and balance the budget without the additional costs of brick-and-mortar data center infrastructure expansion.
  • Increase speed and flexibility of deployment of project-based IT infrastructure which can be moved around as needed.
  • Achieve system resiliency, security and availability through the dispersal of smaller IT infrastructure across multiple locations.
  • Manage security threats by having the capacity and flexibility of physically moving your IT Infrastructure around to more secure locations at a moment’s notice.


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