Unlike costly on premise data center setups, Zellabox’s unique modular micro data center solutions focuses on the delivery of energy-efficient, scalable, mobile and low cost solutions at a fraction of the cost of a classical data center, allowing companies to:

  • Add capacity without the additional costs of brick-and-mortar data center infrastructure expansion.
  • Deploy a less expensive solution, which is scalable and ready to go live in a matter of weeks.
  • Achieve standardization of IT operations, ensuring reduced costs, increased efficiencies, and delivering compliance to corporate standards.
  • Build data center capabilities in a small footprint where there is minimal available local IT Skills and support.
  • Become flexible in the deployment of project-based data centers, which can be moved around as required.
  • Achieve cost savings in energy, infrastructure and operations.
  • Become more resilient and secure through the dispersal of critical data centers across multiple locations.
  • Avoid disasters by having the capacity and flexibility of physically moving your data center to a secure location when needed (disaster recovery).


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