A Colocation is a type of data center where equipment space and bandwidth are available for rental to individual customers and enterprises. What if a client wants to use a colocation data center as well as have on-premise IT infrastructure that matches what the colocation offers? Or alternatively have on-premise IT infrastructure instead of housing their equipment within the colocation data center but have the colocation provide them with the complete system and manage it too? Colocation data centers can now offer both solutions as part of their colocation data center solutions.

Zellabox’s Cubb and CubbDuo solutions are perfect for ensuring that your on-premise IT Infrastructure is safe, reliable and matches colocation and data center service level agreements.

Zellabox solutions provide the following out of the box:

  1. A sealed, secure and lockable unit for your on-premise IT infrastructure.
  2. Its own power management systems.
  3. Its own managed cooling system.
  4. Real-time, remote IT infrastructure monitoring and management.
  5. Real-time video surveillance, biometric and badge access and logging.


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